Giving Back

Mezcla was born out of a desire to create a socially conscious brand that positively impacts individuals and communities around the world.

We are dedicated to giving 2% of our profits to underserved schools in order to fund the vital art programs that so often go unfunded. We recognize the importance of art education in the development of a child’s emotional and cognitive well-being, and believe that art plays a fundamental role in keeping us united as humans.

Lastly, to kick-off our launch, we donated to the San Francisco Youth Art Exchange and the Art Activity Fund at Charlottesville High School. This is just the beginning!

Pre Launch Efforts 

Before we launched, we were able to give back to those on the front-lines fighting against COVID-19. We donated over 30% of our bars to hospitals and non-profits to help fuel the doctors, nurses, and other heroes saving lives and making a difference.

Our efforts didn’t stop there. We also helped fight the social injustice radiating throughout the United States by contributing to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.